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Online Business Builder TT is a service offered by XLWITHUS Learning, led by Mrs. Rishma Rajkumar. Rishma leads a small team of digital marketing experts, consultants, speakers and educators. 

If you'd like to build a powerful online client-getting, client management system for your business or business idea, or save thousands of dollars on website design and marketing, we can get you there in just a few days. In this time you'll have a beautiful, modern, crisp website built to capture leads and manage them effectively to quickly turn them into clients..in other words, we'll show you how to build an entire system in record time. We'll even show you how to set up a powerful marketing campaign and map out a powerful sales process, then work with you on strengthening this sales process over time. Note that you must have a decent product/service and a genuine interest in helping others. If you are a specialist in some field or really good at something but you're not sure how to turn this into a 'business', we can help with that.

Our knowledge is derived from, and continuously updated by, leading industry experts who have themselves accomplished what they're teaching. These experts are not theorists but are multimillionaires themselves and their teachings and courses are quite expensive. After working with and studying these experts for a number of years, some of them have accepted us as partners or affiliates. Many of these experts have a rigorous review/application process before accepting someone as an affiliate so we're grateful for this opportunity. You actually benefit from this partnership as well, as many times you benefit from advantages through an affiliate, that you would not have benefited from if you went directly to the product/service.

Note that every resource we refer you to on this site would have passed our rigorous quality tests and checks. There are many resources out there which look great on the surface but are fraught with sub-par quality and false promises when you dive in. We are like 'business tools brokers' in that we invest in these resources, test them and then refer you to the ones with premium quality. We do what we do to save you from the headache, frustration and expense of testing tools on your own. 

Online Business Builder TT is a digital marketing service offered by XLWITHUS Learning, a small team of website/funnel building experts led by Rishma Rajkumar.

Rishma, is an English teacher by profession but eventually took over the Online Business Builder project that was spearheaded by her husband, Anil.

The team at OBBTT is passionate about building solid online marketing systems and funnels that 'work' for business owners.

Many businesses either don't have an online presence at all or they have one but it's not 'working' for them. Probably they have 'just' a website or Facebook page, with no real 'system' and so this 'very powerful resource' just sits there, unleveraged.

This under-utilization of such a powerful resource by many struggling business owners is what drives the OBBTT team's passion.

After studying and implementing for years from the best online marketers in the world, the OBBTT team knows exactly how to build a powerful online system that gets qualified prospects in front of business owners.

In this extraordiary time, not just specialists (teachers, coaches, doctors, tradesmen etc) but even store owners who sell a niche product or a few niche products, have to 'pivot' or adapt and 'customize customer interaction'.

Just opening your store and waiting for potential customers to walk in, or sending the 'usual' advertisement out (hoping those 'likes' turn into actual interaction) could very well be a depressing experience in these times.

It's therefore now necessary to 'go to AND ENGAGE your potential customers'. This is where 'a powerful system' comes into play.

Reach out to Rishma or Marketing Lead, Adam Singh if you have any questions:

Phone (Whatsapp): 1-437-771-1557
Email: [email protected]