Experience Our Powerful Messenger Funnels or Engagements- Scroll below, click on a business model from the list to go to the demo Facebook page, then send us a message from there🙂!

Hi there👋! We'd love you to experience what's possible for us to build for your business to not just take care of repetitive tasks, but also to engage prospects and even segment and gather information from them when you're not there! Want to get automatically notified via email, when someone reaches a certain point in this automated funnel?...done! What we'll build for you, can do that and much, much more!

Facebook is already the most popular outreach, communication tool/app there is. Don't waste tons of time and money developing an app that you then have to spend more time and money behind, to get your prospects to trust and download it! Let's show you how to leverage the most popular communication app/software on the planet, to become the most powerful app/software in your business! We'll create your ultimate digital assistant, and you'll be simply amazed at the functionality and possibilities🙂

From the list below, click on the business model which best suits your business to visit our corresponding demo Facebook Page (the list below is in alphabetical order). When you're on the page, click on 'Send Message', then on 'Get Started'. We'll keep adding to this list over time (there are some pictorial directions below the list to help you out👍): 

  • 1
    Gym Business (Click here to go to demo Facebook page)
  • 2
    Personal Trainer Business (Click here to go to demo Facebook page) 
  • 3
    Real Estate Business/Agent (Click here to go to demo Facebook page)
  • 4
    Restaurant Business or Store (Click here to go to demo Facebook page)

..more coming soon!

There are just 2 steps to take after visiting one of our demo pages which are illustrated below using our Real Estate Business/Agent demo page...pay attention to the red arrows in the images (you may click on the images to see them properly):

Step 1: Click on 'Send Message' button.

Step 2 : Click on 'Get Started'.

Our sequence will then begin in a second or two. Interact with it and see how you like it🙂!

It's Safe To Click Our Links- It Takes You Through The Same Process Above🙂!

If you're getting on to one of our Facebook Pages for the first time through one of our links (in an email or on one of our websites), after clicking on the link you may see the prompts which we have pics of below. Some people may have an aversion to click on these prompts since they may misunderstand the choice of words in the prompt. 

This section serves to clear that up.

  • 1
    When you click on a bit.ly link or any link of ours to experience our funnel for the first time, you will most likely see this prompt (see pic below👇), which is simply Facebook's way of letting you know that you're accepting us as a 'friend' and as stated, we'll see your public profile. They have the word 'access' there which can put some folks off, but trust me, it's just a synonym for 'see'. Facebook is pretty tight on security, and they will not allow someone to 'access' your information or profile just like that. Remember, anyone can see your public profile:
  • 2
    After clicking on the blue 'Continue' button above you will be taken to your Facebook Messenger inbox (shown below), where you'll need to click on 'Get Started' (at the bottom of the window) to allow us to send you message or to experience our sequence or chat engagement.

As usual, we're just a call. message or email away if you have any further questions on this🙂.