An Effective Online System + Access To Your Builder + Get Your Own App!

Adam Singh from OBBTT here..hope you're doing fine!

Yip..I'm REALLY excited about about this let's dive right in!

The folks at Online Business Builder have some really awesome upgrades for OBBTT  clients and they revamped Rishma's coaching/teaching page recently to reflect these upgrades and the powerful system that they build!

The game-changing upgrades are lower down in this post (I highlighted them), but brief mention here (sorry..can't wait) clients now have access to THEIR OWN CHAT-FLOW BUILDER, and the team can create a highly engaging CHAT PAGE plus THEY CAN NOW BUILD YOU YOUR VERY OWN APP!

Let's Dissect Rishma's System A Bit..

These are the 3 main parts:

☝A Simple, Clear Offer Beautifully Presented To Attract

Face it..the world is noisy and gets 'noisier' every minute! You either stand out or get glossed over. The first part that was put in place here is the base of the system..a beautiful, professionally done website with a clear, well defined offer and clear call-to-actions. A website is a very powerful marketing tool highly underutilized by many.

☝An Effective Client Engagement System

A chat widget which both 'speaks' to your visitors AND has a call-to-action (Step 1 in Rishma's flow makes it part of the process).

☝A Powerful 'Meeting' Scheduler

A fundamental goal of any sales process is 'get the meeting'! If you don't have a clear and easy way for a client to book time with you, you're ignoring a critical step in your sales process. 

The three key words above are highlighted for a reason..they are KEY to this system..

Attract, Engage, Meet..this increases chances of the 'Close'.

This is what the OBBTT folks build an online system to do. Once a system is done right, it works for you like a digital marketing assistant 24/7, even while you're sleeping!

Of course, with any tool or system, you must tend to it, must manage it well, ot it defeats its own purpose...but that's another topic for another day.

When a visitor lands on Rishma's website, a small call-to-action pops up on the bottom right with 3 clickable options..

This is highly engaging and 80% of the people that visited the website interacted with this! Do you know what's the average rate for website interaction/engagement...15%! That means, on average, 85% of people that visit a website leave without interacting. This powerful widget boosts that right up to 85%!

What's even smarter and more powerful is the fact that they've made interacting with this widget a necessary step in their flow. Notice step 1 in the pic below:

Of course, part of the 'Attraction' phase is getting people to visit the website in the first place (traffic generation). There are many methods, but a properly structured Facebook ad in my view is still so powerful. Rishma's ad is constructed with a succint video with all the right elements that does the trick..  

Visit Rishma's website here: 

Okay, to the exciting part..the incredible updates for clients!

The Online Buisness Builder (OBBTT) team has now made it possible for clients to access the chat-builder tool that is the engine behind Rishma's chat widget on her website!πŸ˜²πŸ‘‡

When clients heard that they would be getting direct access to the builder, they reacted like this:

This chat builder is just simply awesome, it has EVERYTHING, it's POWERFUL, it's SMOOTH and it's INTUITIVE. It has a  beautiful drag-and-drop builder which makes building a question path or workflow a breeze! It also has live chat!

OBBTT clients are now able to access this powerful tool and therefore let their creativity take flight...but hold on to your knickers...that aint all!

The OBBTT team has made it possible to access a CHAT AUTOMATION PAGE through a link or button!😲 This isolates someone from even the noise of the very website they're  on, so it's ultra-engaging!

Click the button below to see Rishma's CHAT AUTOMATION PAGE:

Mind blown yet?!!

We've saved the best for last!

Through a significant upgrade, the OBBTT team has introduced technology that makes it possible for them to build an ultra-powerful, fully custom-branded project management/CRM APP for their clients!


This powerful tool is also accessible from a desktop/laptop.

This is what Rishma's app look like:

This is what the login area on desktop/laptop looks likeπŸ‘‡:

So folks, your website flow from OBBTT just got light years better as it now involves:

  • Access to a powerful chat automation builder tool!
  • The build-out of your very own, fully custom-branded project management/CRM platform! 
  • Your own custom-branded app to access your project management/CRM area on the go!
  •  Powerful scheduling!

These upgrades are available at a fraction of the cost of doing them on your own!

Here's the trick though. These upgrades take time to build and monitor, and they take up much space on the servers. These are not simple projects. As a result, the OBBTT team can extend these upgrades/features to just a few folks at a time. You procratinate, you's that simple!

Get in touch if you want a serious website/online marketing system built and you want to work with a serious team!

Until next time..take care!

Stay Committed!

Stay Committed!

COVID-19 is serious, no doubt.

For sure, be cautious and smart.

But also be positive and stay committed to your goal or your cause!πŸ‘..

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