Hi! I'm Anil Rajkumar and I love Sales, Marketing and Business Development! I'm a Paid Traffic and Client Acquisition Specialist certified by the premier 'Digital Marketer' team themselves led by Ryan Deiss. I combine this expertise with my expertise in website and graphic design to create ultra-powerful funnels!

Don't worry..this personal note is a quick summary of what I'm about and is not too long (scroll down and you'll see).. I'm just quickly explaining how we're one of the best digital marketing agencies in the world and why it's a huge mistake to hire anyone else to build your website and digital system..😉

Here's a minute-long video that I have running as a Facebook ad and which also sums up everything as my advice to you..

We go WAY BEYOND just building professional websites and Facebook Pages!

We build powerful digital marketing funnels and systems that are designed to get your visitors and prospects to act! And, we optimize your system over time so it only gets better and better! The 'funnel' that we build consists of a modern, beautiful, mobile-responsive website armed with powerful lead generation strategies, on-site automation, detailed tracking, full SSL security, a powerful intro-video and an autoresponder and this is all attached to and/or works in tandem with an ultra-powerful Facebook ad strategy designed to generate a consistent flow of 'qualified' prospects in your pipeline.

'Sales' start with traffic and lead generation. You can have the best product or service and even the best ideas or the best store, but if your marketing is bad, you'll struggle to move ahead, and you'll also be a bit confused why things aren't working out, and seem a bit like this..

This is what we fix in order to boost your sales.

Most other 'web developers' would just build a website for you and that's it...or offer a set of pretty tools that seem attractive at first. The novelty of these quickly wear out and it doesn't take long for you to realize that your expensive website or pretty tools aren't working. This is simply because you don't have a powerful, conversion-focused marketing system that generates a consistent flow of qualified leads for you daily to follow up with. This is exactly what we'll build for and we'll get it done faster than the others and at a much better price (you get way more for way less simply because we love what we do!). So just to reiterate.. 


We'll build you a powerful, conversion-focused marketing system that generates a consistent flow of qualified leads for you daily to follow up with, and we'll do this at the best costing and client service you'll find anywhere in the world!

This system consists of:

  • A powerful, beautiful, mobile-responsive website
  • Full SSL protection
  • Powerful hosting and CDN for website speed
  • A powerful website pop-up with lead magnet
  • A powerful website autoresponder
  • A powerful website chat automation to greet and interact with your visitors
  • A powerful Facebook marketing system
  • All initial creatives done (if you don't have a video person)
  • Powerful analytics so we always know what's happening and where we need to tweak for better results
  • Daily website updates and monitoring

In addition to the features above, most of which are not offered by other 'web-developers', our clients highly appreciate:

Our High Level Of Reachability

Being able to contact us easily via phone or email or jump into a meeting with us at almost anytime via our online meeting technology.

Our Powerful Collaboration

Via our screen-share technology it's easy to discuss design or review exactly which media needs to be changed or edited. This is 10 times better than the to and fro with email.

Our Highly Editable Websites & Media

We don't 'outsource', but build everything in-house and from scratch so any edits are made easily and quickly.

Continuous Improvements At A Fixed Cost

We don't just 'update' your systems but improve and optimize it over time at no extra cost so the value you get constantly goes up at a fixed monthly retainer.

Studio Quality Videos & Creatives

Our creatives team can quickly make high quality videos for your ads, messages or blogs/vlogs at a fraction of the cost of other digital media firms...just send us the raw material. More on this below..

How do you get sales? You have to constantly stay in front your audience as an authority figure..through media like ads and blogs so you actively build familiarity and trust over time. Of course these media require content, and the better your content, the better and faster you can establish trust and likeability. 

Traffic and lead generation is extremely important can have all the traffic in the world, but without the right content...that traffic is meaningless. Just because content and particularly video is king DOES NOT mean that all content is created equal or has equal value. For example, reading an informative article is not the same as some spun drivel that looks like it was created by a 3rd grader (no offence 3rd grader).

And that’s why most people are failing. It’s because they don’t know how to create content THAT PEOPLE ACTUALLY WANT TO VIEW online, particularly video..the king of content!  Or it could be that they churn out some really poor quality stuff on their phone, or they're deterred because they don't have the time to create great content, or it simply costs too much, or too much headache and to and fro is required hiring a cheap freelancer.

Our creatives team can create high-quality videos for you and pretty much turn every bit of raw content that you have into extremely engaging content!

In essence, we love what we do, and we love to over-deliver! We constantly improve ourselves to ensure that our clients are always ahead of the pack, and we have some fun by studying the competition to keep ahead of them. Oh, and as we're on the topic of 'competition', be careful of the 'quacks' or 'pretender web developers' out there who charge tons of money then deliver crap. In our research we've found that there are quite a few of them out there!

Remember, Marketing, Design and Lead Generation is a full-time job that requires specific training and special skills..

..And many take this for granted and think that they can boost sales by simply running a pretty Facebook ad with a nice pic and fancy emojis, or slapping a bill-board on the highway or website on the internet. It's not as simple as us!

Let's build and manage a powerful digital marketing and lead generation system for you and do what we do best, so you can focus on what you do best! You'll quickly jump ahead of your competition and stand out from the rest!

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Feel free to visit to take a look at the kind of work we do on the creatives side.

Hope to chat with you soon!

Keep Great,

Anil Rajkumar

Paid Traffic & Client Acquisition Specialist