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One-Page Website + Email Marketing Automation + Powerful Omni-Chat Widget For A Small One-Time Setup Fee Plus The Following Monthly Maintenance Fee

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  • Professional-Grade Website
  • Email Marketing Automation (BONUS)
  • Chat Widget with Easy Mobile Multi-Channel Comm. Access (BONUS)
  • Excellent Support
  • Ongoing Maintenance & Monitoring & Optimization

The Best In The World

When it comes to building really powerful websites and marketing funnels that actually get you leads, we’ve learnt from the best in the world and we bring a ton of value to the table in terms of the quality, speed and service that you get for the price you pay.

This Is Our Passion

We’re passionate ❤ about what we do (designing, building and optimizing websites and digital marketing systems), and we firmly believe in ‘over-delivering’, and because of this and the level of expertise that we have, we’re able to offer extremely competitive pricing. Also, because of this, we ask all of our prospects to never assume that our competitive pricing is reflective of the quality and service we deliver. We’re able to truly offer the best quality and service at the best pricing. 🙂

Problems With Other 'Web Developers'

Feel free to look around and get a feel of what others are charging and what they deliver. You’ll quickly discover other ‘web developers’ who build just a 'static' website from US$500 and up and then take weeks and in some cases, months to deliver. Then comes the headache of the to and fro and the extra expense to make changes, edits etc.

We Solve All Your Website/Digital Woes

Essentially, we solve all these problems and always up our level of service to stay ahead of the competition. We’re so confident in the value that we offer that we challenge folks to find others who offer what we do. If they succeed in doing this, and we confirm that it’s legit, we beat them on all price points! We'll easily and quickly deliver superb basic and advanced websites that will blow your mind!

Here are the standard features of the websites that we build, most of which are not offered by other ‘web developers’ who’ll charge you more for a basic website:

  • Professional-grade website
  • Fully mobile responsive for great browsing on any device
  • Powerful hosting and infrastructure
  • 3 layers of security including SSL and CDN
  • Built to optimize SEO
  • Powerful call-to-action buttons
  • Beautiful, modern website text and button graphics and animation
  • Powerful lead capture systems built into the website (funnels, pop-up forms, banners etc)
  • Website and campaign analytics
  • Fully Editable
  • Creation of company email addresses with auto-forwarder option
  • Unlimited Superficial Revisions
  • Blog ready
  • Social Media Integration
  • All initial creatives to build your website (pictures, graphics etc) (Unique & Powerful)
  • Engaging sales copy throughout website (Unique & Powerful)
  • Quick, easy and convenient collaboration/communication during and after the web-building process via our online meeting and screen-sharing tools (Unique & Powerful)
  • On-site chat prompter & automation bubble (bottom right of screen) with scheduler and rich lead profiler (Unique & Powerful)
  • Facebook Messenger chat sequence integration
  • Testimonial pop-ups (bottom left of screen) which can also dynamically pull your testimonials from Facebook(Unique & Powerful)
  • Deep website analytics. Know how much people are visiting your website and where they're visiting from(Unique & Powerful)
  • Continuous maintenance, updates, monitoring and optimization

A lot of the features laid out above are not offered by ‘web developers’ out there, and we can almost guarantee that you will not find the features labelled ‘Unique & Powerful’ anywhere else…and these are very powerful and very expensive!

The value of our premium features:

Product Name


Onsite chat bubble

At least US$400 per month

Testimonial import & pop-ups

At least US$200 per month

Deep analytics

At least US$300 per month

Facebook messenger integration

At least US$100 per month

TOTAL VALUE: At Least US$1000 per month