How To Powerfully Interact With Prospects, Even When You're Not There!


Here's An Example Of A Simple 'Real Estate' Automated Sequence. Remember, This Can Be Set Up For Almost Any Kind Of Business..

Scan the code below with your Facebook Messenger code scanner (open Facebook Messenger app on your phone, tap on 'People icon' down on the bottom, tap on 'Scan Code', then scan code by just making sure the image below is inside the circular code scanner and holding still for about 5 seconds):

Below we've highlighted how easy it is to engage your prospects using a Facebook Messenger scan code. This technology is relatively new but it's catching on quickly, so better get on board before your competitors do!

The button above contains a link which takes a prospect to the same 'funnel' or sequence. This link can be used anywhere; in a button, in emails, on your website or even on your call card or your merchandise, and you can have specific links for specific sequences or campaigns or funnels. The scan code is great for the back of call cards which a lot of people leave blank. This is a waste of important 'marketing real estate'!

Here's how the scan code can be a powerful tool

Engage Prospects Directly From Your Signs

Attach your scan code to a sign to instantly introduce yourself and even show them features and pictures of your product!

Engage Prospects Easily From Your Call Cards

Attach your scan code to the back of your call cards so prospects can instantly get into your 'intro sales funnel'!

Or Directly From Any Kind Of Promotional Item

Attach your scan code to diaries, brochures, calendars, bottles, clothing and any physical merchandise. This is ideal for high-traffic environments such as trade conventions and seminars!

The Very Powerful Facebook Feature That Is Largely Under-Utilized!

'Chats' are extremely powerful because they are interactive and therefore highly engaging. Though Facebook allows people with a Facebook Page to set up an automated greeting, that's all it really is, just a simple automated greeting with some general questions. If a prospect then clicks on a question, a person has to be there to respond, so if someone isn't physically 'manning' your Facebook page, your prospects either get no response, or a 'We're not here at the moment' message, then they move on to your competitor, who's probably also not there, but has a powerful sequence set up!

Why This Is So Important!

There are 2 major reasons. At the end of the day, there's only one 'you'! Therefore, whenever you're not available for some reason (meetings, on vacation etc), wouldn't it be nice to know that you have an ultimate digital assistant that engages your prospects every time they reach out! Secondly, with those 'repetitive' questions that you set up to greet your clients with, you can save time, increase efficiency and create revenue by creating a powerful automated sequence with trigger words and 'conditional logic' questions to get them to exactly what or whom they want. It is proven that people are much more likely to do business with stores that respond to them first!

How You Can Immediately Increase Efficiency, Client Count & Potential Revenue!

Do you know that we can quickly put a system in place for you which auto-responds with another tailored question when someone clicks on an initial question, and which can continue along a short and succinct question-path based on 'trigger' words and phrases until the prospect gets a required answer or gets pointed assistance! The system assigns 'tags'  to a prospect or segments the prospect accordingly and can even automatically notify the appropriate personnel in your company via an email. This system also takes Facebook ads to a whole new level, since someone who clicks on your ads can be taken through an automated funnel (instead of being taken to a website) and you can also send an ad directly into a person's Messenger inbox, as opposed to putting it on the Facebook feed and hoping they see it! 

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