Stay Committed!

Stay Committed!

COVID-19 is serious, no doubt.

For sure, be cautious and smart.

But also be positive and stay committed to your goal or your cause!👍..


Don't let this situation be a 'mental' excuse.

Don't let your goals change!

Adapt, improvise and 'take advantage' of the market opportunity!

Please don't get me wrong here. 'Take advantage' doesn't mean being careless or mean or means being smart and focused, especially now.

I know the situation may want to steer you to think that you have to 'wait and see', to 'relax'...don't!

Probably, take some time and relax...but don't relax...get my point?😉

There are things we'll have no control over. For instance, if you run a bar and the gov't shut you down, don't let it bother you mentally..why..because you have no control over it.

Instead, productive and find ways to move towards your goal no matter what..don't go into a 'doom loop'!

Of course things have slowed down. Again, this is because your competitors are slowing should be adapting and ramping up!

Some folks are cutting back on marketing spend. 😲Whhhaaaat? Now you have to ramp up marketing my friend!

Find ways of reaching out to your could do it online!

Even spending quality time with family is productive...actually make it quality time though..make the time count..don't just wallow around. 

Touch base with clients you've never touched base with before. Think about ways of improving your business. If you're a gym for instance, do classes online and invite people to watch. Send cards to your clients saying that you appreciate them...the list goes on.

Make it so that, when this is all over you would have accomplished would have made relationships stronger!

Of course it's going to be hard, because it's not business as usual..but that's on the's 'not business as usual' on the outside...but in your mind it has to be 'business as usual'!

So it's a's hard. But smile..accept it and tell yourself, you'll'll actually emerge stronger. Find ways to emerge stronger.

Stay the course..stay committed!

Adapt or die..this is a principle of life!

Need help with getting set up online? We're here to help..hit us up!

Cheers, Love, Blessings,
Adam Singh🙂.